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Workshops & Conferences


Workshops & Presentations

Presentations & Reports

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Prior Workshop Presentations and Reports

Below you will find reports and presentations for several of the Lab's prior workshops and conferences. Most may be downloaded or viewed online.

Care for the Cape & Islands: Creating a Responsible Environment (November 1, 2016)

Presented by Dr. Robert D. Billington, Besa Vormatu-Dzelumadzekpo, Donna Kaehler:  Blackstone Valley Tourism Council Sustainable Tourism Planning and Development Laboratory
Rhode Island, USA

  Download Presentation

Emerging Tech Trends in Tourism (May 17, 2016, Pawtucket, RI)

Presented by Bryan J. Lavin, MBA, Assistant Professor, School of Hospitality, Center for International Travel/Tourism Studies, Johnson & Wales University

  Download Presentation

How to Use Bikeways to Boost Your Business and Tourism (March 15, 2016, Lincoln RI)

Presented by Alex Krogh-Grabbe, Executive Director of the Rhode Island Bike Coalition as part of the Blackstone Valley Networking Series.

  Download Presentation

Customer Service Keys to Increase Your Business (May 5, 2015  Pawtucket, RI)

Presented by Michael Sabitoni from Johnson & Wales University and Board Chairman of the International Society of Travel & Tourism Educators, as part of the Blackstone Valley Tourism Network.

  Download PowerPoint

Ebola and Rhode Island: Calm, Thoughtful, Vigilant (December 17, 2014 Pawtucket, RI)

Ebola and State Level Preparedness Operations presentation by Dr. Michael Fine, Director of the Rhode Island Department of Health

  Download PowerPoint

Massachusetts Green Career Conference (October 1, 2014 in Marlborough, MA)

Bob Billington provides a history of the Blackstone Valley, an overview of work the Blackstone Valley has done, and potential jobs that are available in the growing tourism industry.

  Download PDF

Chocolate Mill Bridge Lighting Final Report (April - May, 2013)

A beautification project to bring ambiance and intrigue upon a historic, century-old stone bridge that spans the Blackstone River connecting Central Falls and Pawtucket.

  Download Final Report PDF

Washington Bridge Closure - “Blackstone to the Bay” Temporary Bikeway Detour (Prepared Sept. 9, 2012, Revised Jan. 4, 2013, Final Report: May 10, 2013)

An alternative cycling route established to maintain the continuous connection through a highly trafficked portion of the state of Rhode Island.

  Download Final Report PDF
Chocolate Mill Gateway (March 2012 - February 2013 Final Report)

An urban redevelopment planning consortium pulled together to investigate potential uses and designs for a small neighborhood area adjacent to the gateway entrance for the state of Rhode Island from Interstate 95 South.

  Download Final Report PDF
US Tourism Strategy & Marketing Campaign Explained (October 23, 2012)

Isabel Hill Presentation, National Tourism & Strategy Presentation

  Download PowerPoint

Keri Hanson Presentation, Brand USA

  Download PowerPoint
Blackstone River Users  Conference (September 18, 2012)

Speaker Videos (12)


Silvia Acosta

  Download PowerPoint

Bob Cox - Blackstone River Landing

  Download PowerPoint

Robert Shields, Cumberland Rescue - River Rescue Update

  Download PowerPoint

Melanie Jewett Army, AICP - RI DOA - A Sustainable Rhode Island, Regional Plan for Sustainable Development

  Download PowerPoint

Peter Coffin, Blackstone River Coalition - Phosphorous Loading in the Blackstone Watershed

  Download PowerPoint

Scott D'Amelio - Blackstone River Bikeway, Providence, RI to Massachusetts Border

  Download PowerPoint

Skip Viator - RI DEM - Blackstone River Water Quality Restoration

  Download PowerPoint

Thomas UVA - Narragansett Bay Commission - Bay Commission Update

  Download PowerPoint

Vera Kolias, AICP - Blackstone Valley Prioritization Project

  Download PowerPoint

Jonathan Stone, Save the Bay - Blackstone River Advocacy, Restoration & Education

  Download PDF
Chocolate Mill Overlook (April 2011 - May 2012)

Final Report

  Download PDF
Blackstone River Users  Conference (September 16, 2011)

Narragansett Bay Commission Rivers Update

  Download PowerPoint

The Blackstone - Clean by 2015 - Blackstone River Coalition

  Download PowerPoint - Part 2

Download PowerPoint - Part 3

Blackstone Hydropower Status Report - Tricia Jedele, Conservation Law Foundation
Bruce DiGennaro, The Essex Partnership

  Download PowerPoint

A Fresh Beginning:  The Blackstone River & Canal
Navigation & Transportation System - Blackstone Valley Tourism Council

  Download PowerPoint

Download Intro Narrative

Interactive Tourism Marketing Summit (April 27, 2011)

Paramore/Redd Online Marketing - Hannah Paramore

  Download PowerPoint
Cultural Heritage Tourism Conference (October 27, 2010)

Conference Final Report

  Download PDF

Cultural Heritage Tourism: A Sustainable Strategy -
Cheryl Hargrove

  Download PowerPoint
Blackstone River Users Conference (September 22, 2010)

Blackstone River Users’ Conference II Final Report

  Download PDF

River Safety & Education - Jim Cole

  Download PowerPoint

National Weather Service, Taunton, MA
Nicole M. Belk, Senior Service Hydrologist NWS Taunton MA

  Download PowerPoint
Blackstone River Hydropower Feasibility Study - Northern Rhode Island Regional Energy Collaborative   Download PowerPoint

The Blackstone - Clean by 2015 - Blackstone River Coalition

  Download PowerPoint
Canoe & Kayak Access - Jim Plasse, BRWA
  Download PowerPoint
Responsible Tourism (May 18, 2010)

Final Report

  Download PDF
Responsible Tourism: Growth & Trends By Martha Honey, Ph.D.
Co-Director, Center for Responsible Travel (CREST)
  Download PowerPoint (2007 Office Version)
The Future of Sustainable Tourism in Rhode Island (January 28, 2010)
Conference Final Report   Download PDF
Blackstone River Users Conference  (September 22, 2009)
The Blackstone River - Users Conference Final Report   Download PDF
Why Blackstone Alert? - Dr. Robert Billington    
Ongoing River Maintenance and Cleanups FOB / BRWC in Rhode Island BRWA in Massachusetts - Diane Keith   Download PowerPoint
River and Canal Maintenance Activities Allowed Under RIDEM Wetlands and Water Quality Regulations: Russ Chateauneuf Chief Groundwater & Wetlands Protection Rhode Island DEM   Download PowerPoint
Rivers Conference: Blackstone Valley Tourism Council Educational River Programs - Patti McAlpine     Download PowerPoint
Rivers Conference: A Fresh Beginning: The Blackstone River & Canal Navigation and Transportation System - Riverboat and Small Boat Access - Bob Cox
  Download Word Document

Download PDF

Rivers Conference: The Blackstone - Water Quality for River Users - Donna Williams
  Download PowerPoint
The Blackstone River - Outdoor Recreation at Our Doorstep    Download PowerPoint
Wastewater Treatment and the Blackstone River - Veolia Water North America, Northeast LLC - Don Benz, Area Manager     Download PowerPoint
National Weather Service, Taunton, MA - Nicole Belk, Senior Service Hydrologist   Download PowerPoint
Public Safety Along the Blackstone - Jim Cole, Blackstone River Rescue Committee   Download PowerPoint
Fish Passage - Frank Geary   Download PowerPoint
Indiana Responsible Tourism Conference (October 2009)
Bob Billington Presentation: Geotourism Ambassador   Download PowerPoint
Bob Billington Presentation: Sustainable Tourism - the Blackstone Story   Download PowerPoint
ESTO Conference (August 31, 2009)
Bob Billington Presentation   Download PowerPoint

Sustainable Tourism: Economically Feasible, Environmentally Viable

Harness the Power of Social Media (May 20, 2009)
Conference Presentation   Download PowerPoint
Social Networking Resources    
Civic Tourism 2: Creating and Marketing Your Somewhere
Final Report   Download PDF
Agenda   Download PDF

Opening Presentation Scott Russell Sanders - Traveling at Home

Download Word Doc.
Landscape, and Inside-Out Design - Maia Small, Thurlow Small
Architecture, Josh Silverman, Schwadesign and Wilfred Gates, Gates Leighton
  Download PDF
Outside In - Inside Out: The Core of a Creative City Margie Butler   Download PDF

Civic Tourism and the Ecosystem Paradigm: planning for natural, cultural and recreational systems as a means to unite state and local goals for landscape preservation, tourism and economic development in rural New England. 

  Download PDF

Preserving the Spirit of Place - Scott W. Standish Lancaster County Planning Commission

  Download PowerPoint

Download PDF

The Role of CVBs in Visitor Product Development  Darren Rudloff, CEO Cheyenne Area CVB

  Download PowerPoint

Tourism and the Local Business Community in Small Cities and Towns: A Qualitative Study of the Blackstone Valley, Rhode Island  Masaki Miyake (MET’08) Administrative Sciences Boston University October 15-18, Civic Tourism 2 Conference

  Download PowerPoint

Put the HEART Back in Your Community Unifying diverse interests around a central theme Tim Merriman & Lisa Brochu

  Download PowerPoint

An Exploration of Place-Building and Civic Tourism in Northern Colorado Diane Gaede, Ph.D. Recreation and Tourism
Richard R. Jurin, Ph.D. Environmental Studies
Drew Strickert, Graduate student, Environmental Studies
David Thomas, Ph.D., Management and Marketing
University of Northern Colorado Greeley, CO 80639

  Download PowerPoint

Civic Tourism and the Ecosystem Paradigm Peter Flinker
Dodson Associates, Ltd.

  Download PowerPoint

Download PDF (photos)

Community Based Wildlife Conservation Areas Creating and Marketing Your Somewhere” By Munira Bashir, Kenya Wildlife Service    Download PowerPoint

Download PDF

Using History and Preserve America as Community-Building   Download PowerPoint

Download PDF

Welcome and Keynote Address with Dr. Robert Billington, Robert Leaver, Dr. Dan Schilling And Keynote Address: Traveling at Home with Scott Russell Sanders 

View Video on Google  
Sustaining the Geographic Character of Massachusetts - Sponsored by the Southeastern Massachusetts Convention and Visitors Bureau - 5/23/2008
Conference Report Download Word Download PDF
Tourism 302: Introduction to Resilient Tourism - 5/22/2008
Tourism 302: Introduction to Resilient Tourism (Joe Veneto)
This material is copyrighted and for reference only. Do not duplicate or use as a presentation without permission.
  Download PDF

Demystifying the Tourism Satellite Account - Dr. D. C. Frechtling, Professor of Tourism Studies, School of Business, The George Washington University

  Download PowerPoint
Winter Workshop -1/24/2008

01/25/2008 (Providence Journal)
New Concept of Tourism Presented by Peter Lord - Consider two extremes of tourism: In Tombstone, Ariz., 1,100 residents host some 600,000 visitors a year who stay an average of two hours and spend just $8 each. More

Placemaking Sustainable Tourism Development Forum -10/25/2007
The Art and Science of Placemaking - Kip Bergstrom   Download PDF
Creating Sustainable Destinations Through Placemaking Project for Public Spaces    Download PowerPoint
Web 2.0: Innovation and Sustainability in Destination Marketing Daniel R. Fesenmaier, Professor and Director, National Laboratory for Tourism & eCommerce, Temple University   Download PowerPoint
Placemaking - Sustainable Tourism Development Forum Blackstone Valley Tourism Council Sustainable Tourism Planning and Development Laboratory   Download PowerPoint
Eating Outside the Fence: Sustaining the Community Experience Using the Local Flavors - Patty West   Download PowerPoint
Green Symposium - April 26, 2007
Green Symposium Evaluation Summary
  Download PowerPoint
Green Meetings - Rebecca Mebane, Director of Conferences and Meetings, National Recycling Coalition    Download PowerPoint
How Big is Tourism’s Footprint? Kristin M. Lamoureux, Director, International Institute of Tourism Studies, The George Washington University   Download PowerPoint

The National Geographic’s Center for Sustainable Destinations   Meredith Trainor, Project Coordinator Center for Sustainable Destinations National Geographic Society Washington, DC

  Download PowerPoint
Fairmont Hotels: Green Partnership Program - Building a Business Case for Sustainability  Michelle White   Download PowerPoint
Sustainable Tourism Summit - November 2006
Sustainable Tourism Evaluation Summary    
Uniting Culture, Nature, Preservation, and Economics: The Geotourism Strategy - Jonathan Tourtellot, National Geographic Society, Center for Sustainable Destinations   Download PowerPoint
Presentation: Using Tourism to Make Whole Places - Kip Bergstrom November 15, 2006   Download PowerPoint
Presentation: Sustainable Tourism - A Visitor Experience Value Chair Approach - Donald E. Hawkins, Eisenhower Professor of Tourism Policy   Download PowerPoint
Presentation: Knowledge Management In Tourism: The UNWTO Perspective - Veronica Cadoppi, chief of Staff, UNWTO.Themis Foundation   Download PowerPoint
Rhode Island Voluntourism Forum
VolunTourism: A Grand Unification Download PowerPoint
Operation October Rain - Blackstone Alert Flood Forum - March 9, 2006

A video record of a Sustainable Tourism Laboratory focused on the Blackstone River October 2005 flood including development of a regional flood plan. (3 hours)

Google Videos: Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10
Other Presentations

Cultural Organization of Lowell, Wednesday, May 5, 2010
American Textile History Museum Lowell, Massachusetts
Discussion on Whole-Place Sustainable Tourism
- Dr. Robert Billington

  Download PDF
Preserve America Communities Workshop St. Paul, Minnesota October 2, 2007 Blackstone Valley Footsteps in History - Dr. Robert D. Billington
  Download PowerPoint
How Important is Tourism to Rhode Island 2006 Tourism Satellite Account Kenneth McGill, September 27, 2007  Executive Managing Director Travel & Tourism Consulting   Download PowerPoint
Where Innovation Meets Inspiration -- Sustainable Tourism: The Blackstone Story, Blackstone Valley Tourism Council Destination Marketing Association International Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, July 19, 2007 - Dr. Robert D. Billington     Download PowerPoint
Sustainable Tourism Lab Presentation to the Alliance of National Heritage Areas - International Heritage Development Conference - Passport to Crossing Boundaries  June 19, 2007 - Dr. Robert D. Billington   Download PowerPoint
Blackstone River Valley Heritage Tourism Authenticity - Guidelines A Suggested Strategy for Sustainable Tourism Development in the Blackstone River Valley     
BEST Education Network Presentation - Blackstone Valley Tourism Council     Download PowerPoint
Rhode Island Historic Preservation Conference - Something Old, Something Green - Blackstone Valley Tourism Council - Rhode Island Historic Preservation Conference - April 14, 2007   Download PowerPoint
The Blackstone River Valley Regeneration Story Southeast Ohio October 19, 2006   Dr. Robert Billington the Blackstone Valley Tourism Council   Download PowerPoint

Download PDF

Pawtucket Riverfront Renaissance - 1997   Download PDF
Blackstone River Portals 1997  

Download PDF


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